Trump presidential win means the revolution is now

America’s second revolution started last night. Thank God it began with an election. Donald Trump sounded presidential for the first time in his acceptance speech. http://bit.ly/2ek9Z35

He showed he’s capable of speaking without being nasty – at least during an acceptance speech.

If the President-elect understands the gravity of his post, he will let his actions not his tongue do the talking.

Then again, the whiplash tongue he directed at Republican opponents and Hillary Clinton gives him the tool he needs to break America’s political logjam. He owes nothing to the Republican Party so anyone who stands in his way in Congress or the Senate is fair game for direct Trump-style attacks.

If, as stated in his speech after Hillary conceded, he creates an infrastructure/job creation plan on the scale America needs, it will invest trillions with the middleclass as the biggest beneficiaries. America’s been able to print money for bankers, why not people and people who will repay it in taxes? As a developer he understands it takes money to make money. He hasn’t been shy about borrowing for his businesses. It’ll be interesting if those in Congress who oppose such a spending program can withstand the type of withering attacks directed at Hillary Clinton.

A lot of people said that Trump would become more presidential once he won the Republican nomination. He didn’t then. Today he did.

Whether you supported Trump or not, he will be the president. The way he won the election opens opportunities that wouldn’t have been available to Clinton or any other traditional politician. He can play the Ugly American – rattling NATO nations to pay more – or trespass into territories other politicians can’t or won’t because of their funding or political bases.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing for America when the world worries the U.S. president has a hair trigger. Relations with the Soviets improved as a direct result of the Kremlin’s fear President Ronald Reagan was preparing a first strike nuclear attack.

By saying he will be the president for all the people, he has gone 180-degrees away from his Muslim-baiting electioneering. Could he do something similar on gun-c0ntrol? Remember the old saying: Only Nixon could go to China.

Okay, maybe I’m delusional. I’ve always had this Polly-Anna optimistic view going. He could go down in history as a great president or one who nukes the first country that pisses him off. Watch out France, Canada, Mexico . . .

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