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Slow start but clever ending for The Forgotten Room

The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child gives initial vibes that it’s heading toward the supernatural, perhaps with a ghostly presence that’s responsible for the gruesome suicide of a senior researcher at a stuffy think tank on the coastline of Newport, Rhode Island. The main character Jeremy Logan was a prof at the Lux research institute years…… Continue reading Slow start but clever ending for The Forgotten Room


A werewolf in chic clothing

After perverting the vampire myth with my first novel Late Bite, I decided to continue my stream of semi/alternate-consciousness by tossing in, what else, my take on werewolves for my just-completed but stand-alone third horror thriller, Lycanthrope Rising. I won’t be releasing it for awhile. As my third foray into authordom, I’m looking for a literary…… Continue reading A werewolf in chic clothing

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Doom Murders, solid religious thriller without Da Vinci Code’s hyperbole

The Doom Murders by Brian O’Hare A Catholic Bishop found brutalized, naked, and oddly posed in his Belfast study sets DCI Jim Sheehan and his detectives on the trail of a killer who police suspect sees himself as the hand of God. That suspicion deepens as the murder toll rises. All victims are Catholic, hold…… Continue reading Doom Murders, solid religious thriller without Da Vinci Code’s hyperbole


Dark Matter’s many dimensions a treat

Book Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch As the Joni Mitchell song goes: You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Despite a couple minor logistical gaps, this sci-fi thriller by Blake Crouch is a super charged adventure where college physics prof Jason Dessen finds himself in a dark dilemma of his own making,…… Continue reading Dark Matter’s many dimensions a treat


Trump presidential win means the revolution is now

America’s second revolution started last night. Thank God it began with an election. Donald Trump sounded presidential for the first time in his acceptance speech. He showed he’s capable of speaking without being nasty – at least during an acceptance speech. If the President-elect understands the gravity of his post, he will let his actions…… Continue reading Trump presidential win means the revolution is now


Trucking Amazing!

Singularity Hub posted a piece on the first commercial shipment on a US Highway using self-driving technology. See – Uber Self-Driving Truck delivers 50,000 Beers via @SingularityHub Uber initiated the 120-mile run using tech from Otto, a company acquired in August for $680 million, to deliver a load of beer from Fort Collins to Colorado…… Continue reading Trucking Amazing!


Spellmans kept me laughing & spellbound

Book Review: The Spellman Files The Spellmans Document #1 By Lisa Lutz The Spellmans are a collection of quirky, self-absorbed psychopaths in a family that operates a detective agency. The main character in this first “document” and every document in the Spellmans series is 28-year-old Izzy [Isabel] who tries to leave the family and the business…… Continue reading Spellmans kept me laughing & spellbound