Trucking Amazing!

Singularity Hub posted a piece on the first commercial shipment on a US Highway using self-driving technology.

See – Uber Self-Driving Truck delivers 50,000 Beers via @SingularityHub http://bit.ly/2eL3WUl

Uber initiated the 120-mile run using tech from Otto, a company acquired in August for $680 million, to deliver a load of beer from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Uber plans to launch a trucking service in 2017 that will allow truckers to catch a few ZZZs during long hauls.

The hands-off-the-wheel trial run carried 50,000 cans of beer for Anheuser-Busch along Colorado’s interstate 25. There was a human driver aboard but he plunked himself in the sleeper cab once the the rig got on the highway. He climbed back into the driver’s seat when it came time to leave the highway.


Highways are considered the best place for the current technology because they present a less complex set of circumstances for the guidance system than the mix of cars, bicycles, pedestrians and traffic signals in city traffic.


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