Book Review Policy

I review mysteries, thrillers, horror, sci-fi, paranormal, and sometimes historical fiction. Please no erotica, romance, or high fantasy. The only non-fiction I review is business books. My policy, if the book does nothing for me after two or three chapters or has blatant grammatical and spelling errors, I stop reading. If I cannot give the book three stars, depending on the policy of this blog I won’t post it. I definitely will not post it on my blog or anywhere else. I will take a month to review your book if it’s a pdf or an audio file. A kindle file will take longer. If I can give the book four stars or better I’ll post it on Goodreads and if allowed, on Amazon. If an author wishes the review posted elsewhere they should contact me with the direct links. Please contact me at: Please put “Review Request” in the subject line along with the book title and genre.