A werewolf in chic clothing

After perverting the vampire myth with my first novel Late Bite, I decided to continue my stream of semi/alternate-consciousness by tossing in, what else, my take on werewolves for my just-completed but stand-alone third horror thriller, Lycanthrope Rising.

I won’t be releasing it for awhile. As my third foray into authordom, I’m looking for a literary agent and publisher to peddle my prose this time around.

Just as Dragul Mangorian was a humanizing reVamp of Bram Stoker’s creature, my Lycan King Antimonius isn’t quite what werewolf lovers have to come to expect from their Howlers. He’s a playboy and the Lycan Clan that recruits him is made of the powerful elites in global business.

At the risk of my blitzkrieging brain scaring off literary agents and publishers, here’s a glimpse of what else lurks between the covers.

The urban fantasy thriller is a stand-alone novel but carries on with the themes and characters first visited in Late Bite. Folks who think and act like werewolves – but do not shapeshift – want my pseudo vamp Dragul Mangorian to join his ancestors.  

Late Bite is a vampire courtroom thriller etc. Lycanthrope Rising follows as a lupine, medical, near sci-fi thriller with plot tugs that include mental health, addictions, extreme [but not explicit sex], right-wing militants, Capitalism, a vengeful widow, backroom politics, the Mafia, special forces, philosophic navel gazing about mankind’s purpose, and of course climate change. Main characters are my vampire-in-denial Dragul Mangorian vs a playboy and his stripper girlfriend. At stake, the fate of humanity.

While I’m waiting for the literary world to bang down my door, I’m well into my third mashup with the same characters and plot themes. The working title and perhaps the final title that will appear on the book is . . . you guessed it, Zombie Empire.

There you have it. For the vampire and werewolf purists I’ve offended, yup, take solace. I’m about to do the same to zombie lovers.


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