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Could Donald Trump be a vampire?

I’ve been posting on lately because it appeals to my multi-faceted interests in everything from politics to superheroes, science & tech news, sci-fi and horror, films and novels and just about everything in between as long as it’s funny. I’ve been kicking around topics so much, I get asked questions on any of the…… Continue reading Could Donald Trump be a vampire?

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Horrors! #Twitterdown

Horrors! Millions and millions of tweets were stifled​ or caught mid chirp today (Jan. 19, 2016) with a #Twitter_outage reported across all of its platforms beginning 8:20 am GMT and still sending me blank pages some six hours or so later at 9 am. EST. The news left the 232 million regular #Twitter users #tweetless_in_Seattle,…… Continue reading Horrors! #Twitterdown

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What creeps you out?

I did a bit of looking around the internet some creepy angles for horror stories but what passed for creepy was usually just stuff that grosses people out. You know, people in Walmart old enough to know better exposing their  unflattering body bits. What I’m looking for are creepy things that relentlessly burrow through your cerebrum like a…… Continue reading What creeps you out?