A proposal to authors and reviewers

With the possible exception of a handful of best-selling authors, we scribblers are constantly looking for book reviews from credible sources. That’s especially true for self-published and small press authors.
Combine that with the flood of paid review sites ranging from Kirkus to the plethora of newly minted book review businesses popping up every day.
Many authors are tempted to swap reviews with other writers. The downside becomes apparent once the author feels compelled to add star or two to a mediocre read to ensure his/her work of art isn’t trashed in retaliation.
Here’s my pitch. I will provide my services free of charge as a broker for reviews. An author must write a review in exchange for a review of his or her book. I’ll get a third author to review the first writer’s work and author #3 will get a review from author #4, etc.
To make this work, I’ll need a fair number of participants in a pool that is sufficiently diverse to keep the integrity of reviews high. I also need to ensure that the books being reviewed whether self-published or not are well edited and have a good chance to attain a three stars review.
I’ve attached a poll to see what you think of the idea and a sign-up sheet if you’re ready to get involved. This is a purely voluntary undertaking.