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Rival dinosaur extinction theory causing volcanic uproar

When Scientists and Creationists go at it, those of us with a need for evidence slide next to the guys with thick glasses and lab coats and roll our eyes at those who believe God whipped up the universe, the Earth and all life including Adam and Eve in six days.

After much begatting over 10,000 years, we have the world as we know it, according to Creationists.

Those of us who echew a literal interpretation of Genesis thank God or our teachers for scientists who nail down the truth about our world’s beginnings based on evidence and none of the emotional hubbub. Or so I thought.

Scratch a scientist and you may find a human who is a quivering bundle of emotion stubbornly holding onto an old theory and even nasty name-calling of those who introduce new evidence.

Thus it is with the resurgence of arguments and evidence by a group of scientists, notably Princeton geologist Gerta Keller that a single massive meteor strike in the Yucatan Peninsula did not end the reign of the dinosaurs.

For years, Keller endured incredible abuse from a majority of her peers who steadfastly embraced the Chicxulub asteroid as the cause of the extinction.

According to an article in medium.com entitled: The Nastiest Feud in Science, Keller’s resistance to the impact theory has put her at the core of ‘one of the most rancorous and longest-running controversies in science’.

“It’s like the Thirty Years’ War,” Kirk Johnson, the director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History was quoted as saying.

The confidence (or lack of confidence) of Impacters’ case-closed beliefs generated “decades of vicious infighting, with the two sides trading accusations of slander, sabotage, threats, discrimination, spurious data, and attempts to torpedo careers.”

Read the full article at: https://medium.com/the-atlantic/the-nastiest-feud-in-science-ac9987bda1dd

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