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Could Donald Trump be a vampire?

I’ve been posting on lately because it appeals to my multi-faceted interests in everything from politics to superheroes, science & tech news, sci-fi and horror, films and novels and just about everything in between as long as it’s funny.

I’ve been kicking around topics so much, I get asked questions on any of the topics and if possible I try to give a crossover answer. A recent query sent my fingers flashing over the keyboard the way they do when I’m summoning the demons to write yet another blurred genre novel. Here’s the question:

Why did America elect Donald Trump for US President?

For months I didn’t have anything other than the same old same old finger pointing until I rewatched Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s terrific TV series, The Strain.

It hit me like a stake slammed into my brain. Trump must be using some occult spell that makes people do things that are against their best interests, exactly like the Master, the ultimate vampire in the Strain.

So let’s revisit how the Master acts and you tell me how he and Trump aren’t the same guy.

  • The Master invades other people’s personal space.
  • The Master surrounds himself with yes men.
  • The Master’s children can’t think on their own.
  • The Master promises magical solutions.
  • The Master kills with a wicked tongue.
  • The Master can’t be stopped from visiting his home turf .
  • The Master has no filter on his tongue.
  • The Master won’t admit it but he’s not self-made.
  • The Master leaves his followers in the dark.
  • The Master sucks at one-on-one.
  • The Master has a long line of women he’s preyed on.
  • The Master has direct contact with each follower (Twitter?)
  • The Master sucks the life out of every room.
  • The Master doesn’t play nice with others.
  • The Master is older than he admits.
  • The Master wasn’t nice to Mexicans.
  • The Master penetrates everyone’s thoughts.
  • The Master inspires people to attack others.
  • The Master has followers who crawled out of dark places .
  • The Master’s henchmen are all scheming on their own.
  • The Master pit Americans against Americans.
  • The Master has a way to make direct contact with his minions (Twitter?).
  • The Master is the best, the absolute best, just ask him.
  • The Master’s hands are creepy.
  • The Master is a narcissist.
  • The Master’s followers look like Steve Bannon.
  • The Master never listens to anyone.
  • The Master’s hair is nasty.
  • The Master has a fast food diet.
  • The Master blocked fake news.
  • The Master has Nazi buddies.
  • The Master gets up late.
  • And the number one similarity?
  • The Master promises a new order.

Things that Donald Trump doesn’t share with The Master come next.

  • The Master isn’t into sun tanning beds.
  • The Master spends each night in cabinet.
  • The Master dislikes nukes.
  • It’s not ketchup on the Master’s food.
  • The Master won’t die. Trump won’t diet.
  • The Master is followed by the undead, Trump by the unwoke.
  • The Master is a nightmare that’s just make-believe.





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