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I Am A Truck: Wonderful in a quirky way

Book Review:

I Am A Truck by Michelle Winters is a delightful and quirky short novel that brought a smile to my face the entire read.
Thanks go to my language teachers and my jaunts to Charlevoix and Bas-Saint-Laurent for helping with the occasional phrase slung in that rural French-Canadian staccato and happy memories of  traditional Quebecois dishes.
The book description summed up the story very well in just a few words: A tender but lively debut novel about a man, a woman, and their Chevrolet dealer.
To write more would be a spoiler. Suffice to say that it’s all about the characters presented as if in a Coen brothers’ film.
Rejean is larger than life in all respects but comes to question his smugness and entitlement as a man’s man.
Agathe’s world revolves around her husband and love Rejean but, still, there’s that tall army man.
The successful auto salesman lives and breathes Chevy but is insecure when not patrolling the car lot. Secrets of the motorized and language variety set him on a path beyond his sheltered life where the secrets only get bigger and darker.

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