Are superhero shows on TV super?

As a lifelong DC and Marvel comic book fan, most of the superhero shows on TV are less than super. In fact, a lot are downright lame.

The answer to the question below that I posted on another blog fleshes out my arguments.

What are some of the best superhero TV shows to watch?

My answer:

Daredevil without question.

Darker and more realistic than the comic book, The Daredevil on TV is driven to save Hell’s Kitchen and faces the Kingpin in the first season, who has conflicting approaches to achieve the same goal.

Kingpin was a one-dimensional bad guy in the DD comic book series. Not so with the character given life by Vincent D’Onofrio. D’Onofrio plays Kingpin large – both physically and as the domineering mastermind behind the renewal of a city that victimized him as a child through its the filth, poverty and cruelty.

Compare that to the Green Arrow’s lame rant about saving Star City or offing or otherwise dealing with evil doers and announcing: You have failed this city. Pathetic.

The ridiculous storylines of the Flash and Supergirl are an incredible disappointment to this lifelong DC fan. Both Barry Allen and Kara (not Linda Lee) Danvers have as much character in their personal lives as George Jetson and Wilma Flintstone. When they battle villains, their ultimate victory comes via witless stratagems that range from stupid to non-existent. The 1960s BATMAN series had more thinking behind fight scenes and could hide flaws behind the big BAP and POW sound balloons.

Jessica Jones gets second prize mostly because of the firelog-sized chip on her shoulder.

Preacher isn’t a superhero (I think) but if he were, he’d get third place followed by Grimm.

I had high hopes for Agents of Shield and Legends of Tomorrow but both series keep tripping over actors who are encouraged to lay on the ham. Victor Garber is a great actor but it sure doesn’t show in L.O.T.

And why oh why is the Atom such a dolt? Why is Carter Hall such a pansy that he gets killed more than Kenny McCormick. How can Captain Cold and Heat Wave wield weapons circa 2015 that outgun troops of the future?

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