#TheDonald vs Anonymous

You can’t make stuff like this up.

This space is supposed to be mostly about fiction but the world is a stranger place than anything on the bookshelves or showing on the silver screen.

#Anonymous has declared total war on #TheDonald.

A guy behind the Guy Fawkes (V is for Vendetta) mask has posted a video that calls for an attack on all things to do with #Donald_Trump has his presidential bid:

Dear Donald Trump, we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing. Your inconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States of America, you have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideas. You say what your current audience wants to hear, but in reality, you don’t stand for anything except for your personal greed and power.”

Anonymous Declares ‘Total War’ To ‘Dismantle’ Donald Trump’s Campaign

The masked man claims to be the one who inspired/engineered successful Anonymous attacks in the past including hackers that previously  shut down Trump. He’s now reversing that position and is calling for “protecting our way of life” by shutting down his websites and sabotaging his brand.

As despicable as Trump’s tactics are, he’s laying everything on the table – just what Anonymous says it wants.

America is better than that. It has to be. Americans will shut down Donald Trump on their own. If they don’t, taking down Trump’s websites and interfering in his campaign isn’t the issue. America and the world have a far bigger problem. The Donald is only the symptom.

Meanwhile, the Mouth That Roared just can’t hold back. The Ultimate Comb Over predicted riots will break out if he’s not elected as the Republican nominee.

Donald Trump Warns: There Will Be Riots If I’m Not Republican Nominee — Scary

Reporting from what must be an alternative universe.








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