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Can Suicide Squad breathe screen life into DC

Is there anyone else out there who’s jumping up and down because #DC_Comics finally seems to be getting its shit together in the world of moving pictures.
The just-released official trailer for #Suicide_Squad and glimpses we’ve had of the upcoming Batman v Superman flick and quickens the pulse of this ardent DC fan.
Thank goodness.
Outside of Batman – after all he is the #Dark_Knight – and bits of #Superman, what DC has served up has been pure dreck till now.
Marvel’s transition to the big and small screen has been largely successful. Despite notable failures like flagship comic #The_Fantastic_Four taking a second nosedive​ with its second on-screen quartet and Daredevil just lacking in so many ways, Marvel has struck gold with the Avengers individually and as an ensemble. The Tobey Maguire Spiderman smashed box office records and on TV it just doesn’t get better than #Jessica_Jones. Even #Agents_of_Shield after a slow start heated up by the end of season one.
DC just couldn’t seem to get its footing. Don’t remind me of #Green_Lantern – perhaps my favourite comic book hero reduced to CGI silliness.
On TV, it’s worse. Unbelievably lame TV plots and action on #The_Flash (how it made it into season 2 is beyond me) and #Supergirl, a truly unfortunate and mindless revisiting of a two-dimensional character now rendered in One-D.
Each episode – Flash or Supergirl take your pick – starts with a villain that kicks our hero’s butt. Lots of thinking, regurgitating scenarios by supposedly super support staffs and what do they come up with? Really nothing.
In the end it’s a matter of following the advice of JFK’s father Joseph Kennedy or was it football great Knute Rockne, who said: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
Fine for a college senior, who flunked a test, but a superhero? Come on, where’s the drama? Where’s the clever twist?
In the TV Supergirl universe, it almost seems half of Krypton survived – the evil half – and despite the fact any one of them could rule nearly any planet in the universe, they all hang around Earth to make the life of Linda Lee Danvers – whoops Kara Danvers on TV – a misery. Anyone else out there think this is stupid?
What about #Arrow, you say? The TV version of #The_Green_Arrow sometimes reaches an acceptable level but only then by stealing most of the background that originated with Batman. Besides, Oliver Queen’s out-of-nowhere tantrums and irrational stubbornness are starting to wear thin.
That was then, this is looking forward.
Excitement plus raged from the first instant I clicked on the Suicide Squad trailer. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody rocked while a few choice snips laid out the story about this dark and twisted group of villains recruited to do good – sort of.
You just know this ain’t going to be pretty.
How good is it when #the_Joker – in my mind the best villain in all of comicdom – is upstaged by the film’s other crazies. This is exceptional considering Jared Leto will be upping his considerable skills as a thespian to ensure his performance isn’t trashed when compared to Heath Ledger’s acclaimed work under the white face and green hair.
Despite my early reservations about Ben Affleck as Batman, he seems to wear the cape and cowl with an appropriate grimness.
Here’s hoping Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman deliver on their trailers’ promises.

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