Lost girl oracle finds life after death

Lost Girl may be over but Cassie the Oracle – at at least the actress behind the character, Vanessa Matsui – lives on as a witch named Dot or Madame Dorothea from The Mortal Instruments books. http://www.pixel51.com/blog/archives/17456

Catch Vanessa in the  first two episodes of SHADOWHUNTERS on ABC Family, premiering January 12 at 9pm.

You may have caught on that Vanessa and I share the same last name – no coincidence, she’s my niece. That’s not her only spooky role that’s upcoming, again demonstrating that life goes on even when you are cast as a ghost who’s hell bent on escaping purgatory in the webseries GHOST BFF. Vanessa’s not just the series’ star but a key writer.  She recently revelaed that she and producer Katie Nolan had delivered 22 Ghost BFF scripts and a “piles of research” project funder, Telus.

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